Hina Dolls or Girl's Dolls

Hina Doll is the traditional doll culture for Japanese girls day. It is on March 3, a celebration for healthy growth. The dolls represent the old imperial wedding that has all traditional servants with cultural costumes. Therefore, Hina Doll Sets have a lot of different kinds of doll. The most important feature of Hina Doll is their cute faces and expressions.Tanabe has large collections of Hina Doll Sets that will suit your taste.

Gogatsu Dolls or May Dolls for Boys

Gogatsu Dolls are used for Boy's Ceremony which is on May 5. Since this is a Japanese tradition, the doll represents the healthy growth of Samurai Boy. Therefore Gogatsu Dolls are mostly composed of little Samurai, Kabuto (Japanese Samurai Helmet), or characters that show the power of Samurai or energetic children.