Kimono Fabrics

Kimono Fabrics are another important essence of Kimekomi Dolls besides its facial expression. Kimono Fabric has a gorgeous texture and co lorthat are created by Japanese traditional weaver. KImekomi doll makes use of many different fabrics on its body parts. Those excellent fabrics are used to decorate the doll uniquely and attractively. The best and fun part of making Kimekomi Doll is you can choose your own fabric for your doll.


One of the major excitement of making Kimekomi Dolls is choosing fabrics. Eventhough the wood body looks the same, the different variety of fabrics make the dolls look differently.

Kimono Fabric, or Kinran in Japanese, is especially gorgeous. Kinran is woven with golden strings. In Japanese tradition, Kinran has been used for making Japanese style wedding dress until today. Originally, Kinran was imported from China as clothes of Buddhist monk.

If you want to make your doll gorgeous, Tanabe has large variety of Fabric Collection.


Chirimen, unlike Kinran, has a solid and calm texture. It is very unique. Chirimen has a stereoscopic texture woven by a traditional method.

Kyoto and Shiga have long history of Chirimen Woven Fabric, because of the stereoscopic texture, it has a nice touch.


Yuzen is a hand-written painting that was established by Kaga Yuzen in Edo period. It has rich colors and freestyle design. It has soft color tone, and Kaga Yuzen has strong and gorgeous color. Also, there is Edo Yuzen that has a cool color scheme and unique design because it was developed in the capital of Samurai.

Yuzen has rich colors and design that also compliment the unique face of Kimekomi Dolls.