Company Profile

This company is a wholesale maker of Kimekomi dressed wooden doll (Kimekomi Doll Shop). Doll Shop TANABE Co., Ltd. was established in 1951 by Masakazu Tanabe, the late grandfather of the current CEO. Mainly they had sold seasonal festival doll and Kimekomi doll in Asakusabashi.

In September 1971, the company name was changed from Doll Shop TANABE to TANABE Co., Ltd. then they had sold only Kimekomi Dolls.

In 2001, Yasuyuki Tanabe did assume the presidency of TANABE Co., Ltd. It has been operating for over 60 years.

Tanabe Co., Ltd. has complete tools and supplies needed for making Kimekomi Dolls. It has thousands of Kimono Fabric collection and over hundreds of designed body dolls.

Company NameTANABE co., Ltd.
CEOYasuyuki Tanabe
Established DateJanuary 1951.
Main BusinessKimekomi Doll Making School and Retail Business in Japan.
Address1-10-18 Asakusabashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan